Our products have proven their reliability and technology.
In addition, we supply a wide variety of items to satisfy our customers.



Development of marketing strategies through surveys and analysis of company products and relevant markets; generation of revenue and profits through a cooperation with the Sales.


Direct roles to generating revenue including sales activities targeting territories, organization of conferences, creating new customers maintaining of existing accounts, KOL and distribution management.

Training & Education

Development and implementation of training and education through collection and analysis of academic information; Provision of professional and academic knowledge on products to the Sales through clinical trials, monitoring and advisory activities

Support and management activities including sales, order (order form) and payment management and product management to support sales activities and achieve sales goals.


GMP & Quality, product analysis, license and certification management and compliance management to maintain product quality


General affairs related to accounting, finance and tax; development and planning of processes related to accounting and financial policies on costs, bonds and debts


Development of various human resources programs and policies on employment, training, performance management and compensation that help the employees to focus on their work


Product delivery, acceptance and inventory management for timely delivery and accurate management of products