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Realizing Haversian Calan of natural bone

Haversian canal

Haversian Canal, tiny canals of 50μm~200μm in compact bone. Containing blood vessels and nerves. Act as a tynnel for bone growth and metabolism.

  • Central canal (Arteriole, Venule, Nerve)
  • Lamellae
  • Osteon

Frabone canal

Passageway of blood, cells and nutrition supply;
space for new bone formation

Frabone imitates Havesian Canal of natural bone and reserves stable room during bone regeneration process.
The unique canal structuer is filled up with vessels and new bone materials, resulting in faster regeneration.
International patent : PCT / KR2011 / 05509 · USA, Germany

  • Blood vessels
  • Osteoclast
  • Osteoblast

Tailored Bone Grafting

Frabone for various sized bone defects